Sacred Traditions Tattoo Suggested Piercing Aftercare

Basic Piercings

What you need

Dial Antibacterial Solution

Sterile Saline Solution   ( DO NOT use Bactine, self made saline or anything other then the STERILE SALINE SOLUTIONS)


Mini Cups or cotton roundStolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo


Why you need it

Dial Antibacterial Solution- to wash your hands anytime you clean or touch your piercing, for use during the shower as well.


Sterile Saline Solution-  Primary cleaning solution, as well as soaking the piercing site.


Q-tips- to minimize touching the piercing.


Cotton Gauze or Mini Cups- to soak the piercing site.



DO clean your piercing at least 3 times per day with STERILE Saline Solution, 

1. In the Morning

2. In the Evening

3. After the Shower

4. After any strenuous activity.


Do Saline Soak at least once a week during healing, preferably once a day.


Do NOT touch your piercing unless you are specifically cleaning it.

Only do this with CLEAN hands, use the dial antibacterial soap. Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

Do NOT let others touch your new piercing, includes children touching it.

Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

Do NOT remove the piercing yourself for any reason before it is properly healed.

If you need it removed to visit someone, or removed for a Dr. Appointment, please come in. Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo


Do NOT rough house with your new piercing, it may rip or rejection during healing so be gentle.

Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

Do NOT use rubbing Alcohol, it prolongs the healing time because it kills the white blood cells which are responsible for healing. Do Not use Hydrogen peroxide, A & D, Bactine or ointment on your healing piercing.

Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

Do NOT make your own sterile saline solution. Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo


Steps to Cleaning

  1. Wash your hand with antibacterial soap.

  2. Spray Sterile Saline Solution on a clean q-tip and wet around the piercing. Allow to soften anything that may be built up around the piercing, then wipe any debris away.

  3. Spray Sterile Saline Solution on a new clean q-tip and compress to the piercing site, entrance and exit. If you can’t clean it or can’t see it, use a mirror or ask someone for help.

  4. Allow the area to dry or pat with a clean paper towel, moisture breeds bacteria. Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo


Steps to Cleaning in the Shower

  1. Be carful of shower loofas, sponges and towels, they easily WILL catch your piercing and it will hurt. Don’t panic, get out, holding whatever got caught and calming get it untangled.

  2. Finish your shower routine.

  3. Wash your hand with antibacterial soap, this will get harmful reside off your hands.

  4. Rinse your piercing well, this removes most of the shampoo, conditioners and soaps left behind that may be harmful to your new healing piercing.

  5. Suds up antibacterial soap in your hands, using the bubbles it created- gently wash your piercing site, entrance and exit, this will get rid of the remaining harmful reside on your piercing.

  6. Rinse piercing site extremely well, you don't want any soap left behind, this will minimize the drying effects from the antibacterial soap. Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

  7. Get out of the shower. 

  8. Spray Sterile Saline Solution on a clean q-tip and wet around the piercing. Allow to soften anything that may be built up around the piercing, then wipe any debris away.

  9. Spray Sterile Saline Solution on a new clean q-tip and compress to the piercing site, entrance and exit.

  10. Allow the area to dry or pat with a clean paper towel.


Warm Sterile Saline Soaks

Saline Soaks are great to do minimally once a week during the healing period. Ideally once a day at the end of your day before bed after the final cleaning of the day.


  1. Clean your piercing as usual. Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

  2. Put 1/4 inch of sterile saline in mini cup that is microwavable safe.

  3. Place in microwave for 2-3 SECONDS at a time. it gets hot extremely quick. Test it to make sure its not to hot.

  4. Find a good position and place to stay/lay down for 5 minutes.

  5. Create a suction cup with the mini cup over your new piercing and soak for 5 minutes.

  6. If your piercing site wont create a suction then soak up the warm saline with a clean cotton gauze and gently compress the piercing for 5 minutes. Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

What to Expect

Minor itching, burning, redness, tenderness, 

Minor swelling & puffiness Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

Clear, white or very light yellow discharge. Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

Bleeding if you knock it hard enough, apply pressure, stay calm, call if you have concern.


What Not to Expect

Medium to Dark Yellow Discharge - don’t hesitate to call. Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

Green Discharge- you should of already called us. please call us immediately. 

Bump accumulating- this is a keloid, often caused by trauma, may be repaired.

Piercing sinking into and/or below the skin surface, may need a larger piercing.Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo


At first signs of any of these listed above, call the shop and talk to the piercer. Infected- Call/ See a Doctor. At first sign of irritation start cleaning routine regularly.Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo


Each piercing takes a different amount of time to heal, this accounts for the location of the piercing as well as the activity of the person getting pierced, their body chemistry as well as how well they take care of the piercing and the quality of the jewelry. If at anytime you have a question about your piercing or any other piercing please do not hesitate to call. I will be more then happy to answer any and all your questions regarding your piercings. Please don’t ask advice from your friends unless they are a professional piercer. Thank you for coming to Sacred Traditions Tattoo.Stolen from Sacred Traditions Tattoo

Comfortability is important. For example sleeping on a fresh ear piercing, fresh tongue ring being played with or wearing tight pants over a new belly piercing my cause rejection and irritation. Be mindful of your fresh piercings, tight clothes, weight gain, rubbing and jostling may cause your piercing to never heal properly.

​​Average Healing Times | Ear: 2-6 Months  |  Surface: 2-6 Months

Navel: 3-12 Months  |  Eyebrow: 2-6 Months  |  Septum: 6-8 Weeks

Nostril: 2-6 Months  |  Nipple Man: 4-8 Weeks  | Nipple Woman: 8-12 Weeks


Biotene Mouth Wash- for smokers

Non- Alcoholic Mouth Wash- non-smokers

Sterile Saline Solution for external areas 

  1. Its important to brush your teeth twice a day and don't forget to brush your tongue. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash at least 2 to 3 times a day in addition to rinsing after each time you smoke or eat. If you drink anything other then water rinse with water after. 

  2. Cleaning/ To clean the outside of your lip piercing use Sterile Saline Solution and a q-tip. Clean the piercing site 2 to 3 times a day until it is healed. 

  3. Swelling/ Try to talk as little as possible, talking will increase swelling. Taking ibuprofen will help minimize any swelling. Always keep an eye on the piercing site. If the jewelry starts sinking into the skin, come in to have our piercer look at it. You may need a larger pierce of jewerly. 

  4. Eating/ For the first few days eat soft foods that don’t require much chewing. Trying to chew solid food will hurt and could further traumatize the pierce. Avoid any spicy or acidy foods these will cause burning and irritation, chew and talk carefully, accidentally biting the jewelry could tear the piercing. Be careful of noodles if you have a fresh tongue piercing and extra caution not to bite the ball.

Average Healing Times | Tongue: 4-12 weeks  |  Lip: 2-4 months  |  Cheeks: 3-9 months

Oral Piercings

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