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Before your Tattoo

The following are suggestions to give you the best tattoo experience possible.

Before booking an appointment.


       It's best to have an idea of what you want tattooed on you before coming in to book your appointment. If you need inspiration or ideas, come in for a consultation. 


Before you show up to your appointment

      Please start hydrating yourself the day before your tattoo. This means drink plenty of water. This will make a difference for your tattoo artist and yourself. 

      Please eat at least 4 hours before your tattoo session. This will allow your body to handle the tattoo process better then if you weren't to eat at all. 


      Please arrive showered or with decent hygiene. Our artist reserve the right to deny service to anyone with poor hygiene. This is for our Artist safety as well as the clients and anyone else present in the studio. Its important to maintain good hygiene during the time your tattoo is healing. 

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